Abdominoplasty Valencia González-Fontana


Tummy tuck is used to remove localized fat deposits that tends to accumulate easily in the abdomen …

Ginecomastia Valencia González-Fontana: operacion reduccion de pecho hombres


Surgery to remove excess fat in mammary gland or breasts in men …

Liposuccion Valencia González-Fontana


La liposucción es la cirugía adecuada para la eliminación de depósitos de grasa localizada…

Lipofilling Valencia González-Fontana


The lipotransference removes fat from one area to place it in another (butt-breasts).

Buttocks Augmentation Valencia González-Fontana

Buttocks Augmentation

This surgery give firmness and volume to the buttocks with implants or your own fat…

Post bariatric surgery González-Fontana

Post bariatric surgery

Surgery to remove excess sagging skin and other tissues after bariatric surgery …..

Arms Lift in valencia González-Fontana

Arms Lift

Surgery to remove arms excess sagging skin, and other tissues after bariatric surgery …..

Leg Lift Valencia Gonzalez-Fontana

Leg Lift surgery

This is the surgery to remove excess skin and sagging in the legs

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