Skin Tumours Surgeryin Valencia and Castellon González-Fontana

Cirugia de tumores de piel Valencia González-Fontana

Skin cancer is an illness where cancerous cells (malignant) are found in the outer layers of the skin. The most common sign of skin is a change in appearance, such as a growth or sore that does not heal. Sometimes there may be a small bump, which can be soft, shiny and waxy appearance, or may be red, reddish brown or black.

In the first visit, Dr González Fontana will examine the lesion and make a diagnosis by a biopsy. Once the results of the biopsy are known, one can proceed with the treatment, bearing in mind that the majority of non- melanomic skin cancers can be cured, depending on the recuperation, the treatment and the type of skin cancer.

If you are considering an operation for skin lesions, you will find all the necessary information about the surgery and the expected results at the Dr González Fontana Institute.

The skin surgery procedures in the González-Fontana Institute are: Skin Tumours and Surgery of complex Scars.