We answer some questions or queries that many patients take us.

1.-How safe are cosmetic surgery?

For us in the González-Fontana Medical Institute, HEALTH COMES FIRST, therefore:

Before each intervention Medical Institute González Fontana will attend a pre-anesthetic consultation with the surgeon and anesthetist, you will make the necessary evidence proving that we all parameters are within normal limits.

On the day of the operation you will you feel safe in the hospital on October 9, which has the most advanced operating rooms with all means to ensure maximum surgical safety.

2.-What is the postoperative care?

Our staff will be with you at all times by telephone 24 hours a day, to try to answer any questions that you arise in the postoperative period. This coupled with surgical and anesthetic art techniques allows your recovery more comfortable. Upon completion of the operation, the patient will have a continuous and direct monitoring by the surgeon.

3.-What is our way of working?

In González Fontana Medical Institute we know that what matters is you.

From the first visit we will try to only have to worry enjoy the result of the intervention being next to you at any time both preoperatively and postoperatively. Cell phone our 24 ho with visits required. We will be available to clarify any doubts that may arise during the preoperative and postoperative.

4.-How can I choose a good plastic surgeon?

One of the most important considerations is that the surgeon has knowledge of all techniques, familiar with all types of implants and / or materials in order to extract from it a complete and adequate information. As preparation, experience and qualifications of the surgeon will be the key to success in every operation.

 5.-How can I check if the doctor is a plastic surgeon?

The SECPRE are the initials of Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, composed of plastic surgeons formal qualification. This way you as a patient can inform, that the doctor who will perform the procedure is a specialist in plastic surgery official title. This check can be performed through the website www.secpre.org

6.-What should I do in the first visit?

Be clear about what you want to achieve in the intervention, and tell to the doctor without fear or qualms. The communication between the patient and the medical professional is very important, the more information the doctor can give you more help.

It is important to be attentive to the advice of health care and understand the expectations of the operation. A misunderstanding can generate unrealistic expectations on the patient, hence the importance of their attention.

7.-What  requirements must meet a safe operation?

  • The operation must be performed in a hospital, with all means for your safety.
  • The surgeon must be a specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, ie having formal qualifications.
  • Any operation that requires local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia must perform a pre-anesthetic consultation with the surgeon and anesthesiologist before surgery, for maximum safety in operation.
  • Should be performed preoperative tests for the plastic surgeon and anesthetist analyze the health of the patient.
  • Postoperatively rigorous control and monitoring of the patient’s progress under the direct supervision of the surgeon performed.

8.-What mammary implants are better?

Today’s technology offers different materials to create very natural prosthesis allowed to touch and very resistant. There are two basic types of prostheses cohesive silicone gel and inflatable (saline), whose coverage can be smooth or rough and respect the way round or anatomic (teardrop). Both are composed of solid silicon on the surface, varying only in the filling.
In general, both types are highly tested and approved by the American FDA and the European Agency, which gives the maximum guarantee of safety. It is important to get a good result to keep in mind the peculiarities of each implant and adapt to the needs of the patient anatomy.

9.-How to achieve a good result in the intervention?

Adding up the aesthetic needs of patients with the possibility of surgery, is a key to our success. So in Fontana Medical Institute González is going to provide the information of the latest surgical techniques adapted to solve their aesthetic needs. We will explain the procedure, postoperative clear way, like, we will try to clear all the doubts you may have about the procedure.