Hymen Reconstruction in Valencia and Castellón González-Fontana


Cirugia de labios mayores Valencia González-Fontana

Himenoplasty is a surgical technique that reconstructs broken hymen and virginity returns. There are several reasons why a woman Hymenoplasty comes to fruition. Since social, cultural or religious, in which some women have to ensure that her hymen is intact before marriage, through more trauma cases as abuse, in which the patient did not want to lose the hymen that.

With this technique, you again have an intact hymen, the thin and delicate membrane that partially covers the open part of the vagina in most girls, whose rupture usually occurs during the first sexual experience.

During the first visit to our clinic in Valencia and Castellón, plastic surgeon Dr. González-Fontana examine your case, and the prospects for intervention and the technique to be applied to achieve optimal results, in accordance with the wishes of the patient.

Before SurgerySurgeryPostoperative
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory 7-10 days before.
  • No smoking in previous and subsequent days.
  • Local anesthesia and sedation.
  • Duration 1-2h.
  • Recovery between 7-10 days.


If you want to recover your virginity with the hymen reconstruction surgery, we encourage you to know all the information related to this intervention by an expert in performing this surgical procedure in Valencia and Castellón renowned plastic surgeon. Request an appointment and we will provide all information about this intervention as well as all the doubts and questions you may have.

Come and meet  the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic González-Fontana. For the vast majority of our patients after surgery declare a more fulfilling sex life, and psychological balance recovery in sex that often was lost.

Interventions of intimate surgery in González-Fontana Institute are: labia surgery, Hymenoplasty, Sex change.