Mastectomy and breast reconstruction All in One González-Fontana

Mastectomia con reconstruccion Valencia González-Fontana

Every woman has particular reasons why you want or need, at some point in their life, assistance from breast surgery, and among them, the appearance of nodules or cysts, breast cancer or other disease, is one of the procedures Current surgical within plastic surgery. The development of new medical techniques and materials allow the plastic surgeon, create an appropriate solution to these delicate situations with minimal incisions Pussycat possible to deform the breast.

During the first visit to our clinic in Valencia and Castellón, the plastic surgeon González-Fontana examine your case, and assess the various possibilities on when performing surgery and the technique to be applied to achieve optimal results, in accordance with the physical and psychological needs of the patient.

If you have any breast lesion and would like to provide treatment for the injury of your breasts, recovering with minimal deformity in the shape and size of your breasts, to return to feel good about yourself and against others, and want to know all detailed information, (where patients is indicated, how it is performed, the possible techniques and what are the results obtained in this type of intervention) in our clinic you attend a team of renowned surgeons.

Call for an appointment and we will provide all information about this intervention (all in the same operation). Come and meet Cosmetic Surgery Clinic González-Fontana.

Breast surgery procedures of cosmetic surgery in which we are specialized are:

Breast AugmentationBreast Augmentation with your own fat, Breast Lift, Breast reduction, tuberous breasts, Breast Reconstruction y Breast Pathologies.