Eyelid Surgery González-Fontana in Valencia and Castellón

Blefaroplastia Valencia Gonzalez-Fontana

What is commonly referred to as drooping eyelids, may be due to a number of conditions, among which most often are responsible for this aging, diabetes, stroke or a brain tumor involvement of nerve or muscle tissue.

Drooping eyelids may already be present from birth, ie they are hereditary or congenital, or otherwise, caused or developed as a result of various factors we have discussed. The eyelids may remain stable and not keep falling well worsen over time, and may even come and go and also the problem of fallen eyelid can occur in one or both eyelids simultaneously. This condition is detected by the naked eye in the event that occurs only in one of them, by simple comparison with the other, while in the case of that in both detecting presents greater difficulty.

Droopy eyelids can make a person present an aspect or appearance of sleepy or tired. Whatever your situation is a problem with an easy solution by your plastic surgeon. Do not hesitate to consult you.

Getting rid of that tired look and creating a lively one is the objective of blefaro surgery. The best candidates for this surgery are those who seek an improvement and who have an excess of skin in the upper eyelid and bag and those whose look is both tired and ageing. Eliminating the fat and and skin of the eyelids brings back the appearance of freshness and youth.

During the first visit, Dr González-Fontana will examine the eyelids, the looseness, the lowering of the eyebrows and bag to offer a solution to the patient´s requirements.

Before InterventionSurgeryPostoperative
  • Wash the area with antiseptic soap the night before.
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory 7-10 days before.
  • No smoking in previous and subsequent days.
  • Incisions hidden in folds.
  • Excess skin and fat is removed.
  • Duration 1 hr.
  • Local anesthesia and sedation.
  • Recovery in 1 week.

If you do not feel completely comfortable with your eyelids, and want to have detailed information by a renowned plastic surgeon of this intervention in Valencia and Castellón, come to our clinics of plastic surgery and aesthetics, and we will advise on everything you need to know about.

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