Volume Loos in Valencia and Castellón González-Fontana

Tratamientos Adelgazar o perder volumen Valencia

Life style, sedentariness, unbalanced diets, tobacco and many other factors can lead to flaccidity and the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body, appearing most frequently in the hips, legs and abdomen. The latest, aesthetic, medical techniques carried out at the Dr González Fontana Institute, are based on a combination of body mesotherapy, electrotherapy, presotherapy toxine- free diets, lymphatic draining and cosmetic, corporal mesotherapy will diminish the volume in the affected areas without surgery.

After compiling a medical history, Dr González Fontana will formulate a therapeutic programme combining the most effective treatments to achieve superb results.

The aesthetic treatments in which we specialize are: Facial Rejuvenation, Facial MesotherapyBótox, Hyaluronic Facial FillersAnti-Cellulitis Treatments, Loos of Volume and Postoperative Treatments.