Complex Scars Surgery in Valencia and Castellón González-Fontana

Correccion cicatrices valencia Gonzalez-Fontana

Within complex or pathological scars, we can differentiate between hypertrophic and keloid. Although morphologically may be similar,  while hypertrophic remain within the boundaries of the wound that caused the scar, keloid extend beyond the limits of the same.

These scars are caused because during the healing process, fibroblasts (fibrous tissue cells) do not stop growing on both sides of the scar, and crashing the resulting embossed or uplift thereof.

During the first visit to our clinic in Valencia and Castellón, plastic surgeon Dr. González-Fontana examine the scar, and assess the possibilities or treatments to be performed to improve the aesthetics of the scar, applying medical, surgical or combination of both treatments as the combination of surgery and acupressure with silicone plates.

If you have a large scar, high aspect and unattractive want to know the hand of a renowned plastic surgeon,  what are the possibilities to improve the appearance of it, requesting an appointment and we will provide all the information on possible medical and surgical treatments, to achieve the best possible aesthetic to your scar.

Come meet Cosmetic Surgery Clinic González-Fontana. For the vast majority of patients, the aesthetic and functional improvement of scars, provides recovery of normal life and psychological balance.

The skin surgery procedures in the González-Fontana Institute are: Skin Tumours and Surgery of complex Scars.