Tuberous Breasts in Valencia and Castellón González-Fontana

Cirugia pechos asimetricos o tuberosos Valencia González-Fontana 

Tuberous breasts it is a growth disturbance of the breasts, which occurs from pubertal development, it may be that the lining of the mammary gland present excessive rigidity, and can not properly expand along with the progressive growth of the mammary gland. This situation can result as the gland grows, the areola has a tendency to herniate, which is the thin skin of the nipple.

The tuberous or tubular breasts, but may be deficient in size, are not simply «small breasts» that have not been fully developed.

The features of tuberous breast deformity include constriction of the chest, breast hypoplasia (small size breast or underdevelopment), deficiency of the breast skin, malposition of the inframammary fold (the crease under the breast), hernia of the areola ( swelling or bulging of the nipple-areola area), and breast asymmetry.

Women may have one or more anatomical deformities. Deformities are usually highly variable and often show considerable discrepancies between the two breasts of the same woman, that results in frequent asymmetry between the two breasts.

During the first visit, the plastic surgeon González-Fontana examine your breasts, size and factors that have led to the asymmetry, to give a solution to the needs of the patient, and thus realize her breasts you want and the technique used.

Before InterventionSurgeryPostoperative
  • Previous exploration.
  • Wash the area with antiseptic soap the night before.
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory 7-10 days before.
  • No smoking in previous and subsequent days.
  • Areola incision.
  • Anatomical or Round prosthesis.
  • Duration 1-2 hrs.
  • General Anesthesia.
  • Bandage five days.
  • Recovery after 10 days

If you are considering an undergoing surgery to correct your tuberous, asymmetrical or uneven breasts in Valencia and Castellón, get more information about the surgery, when indicated, how it is performed and what results can be expected in Medical Institute González-Fontana. Call for an appointment and we will provide all information about this intervention in the González Fontana Medical Institute.

Come and meet our Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aesthetics González-Fontana. The results obtained in patients who have undergone surgery for tuberous breasts in our centers over the years support us.

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