Post-Bariatric Surgery González-Fontana in Valencia and Castellón

The Postbariatric or Post-Obesity Surgery is performed after major weight loss for relaxed remove excess skin that can not, naturally, to a neutral state.

After Bariatric Surgery (bypass, intestinal, stomach reduction, etc) aggressive diets are procedures for great weight losses of people suffering from morbid obesity. But the significant weight loss results in an excess of skin and other tissues that were once fat. This surgery is indicated, after a patient loses a significant amount of weight, but not recovered her figure.

Post Obesity Surgery combines several beauty treatments, focused on removing unnecessary excess skin tissue in order to define the figure, return the patient a much more attractive appearance and self-confidence.

Some of surgical treatments encompassing Post Obesity Surgery:

If you are considering undergoing post-bariatric surgery in Valencia and Castellón, to remove excess skin, get all the information you need about when indicated, areas in which it is performed, how the procedure is performed, that results can be expected, the recovery period of the intervention … in our clinic. Call for an appointment and we will provide all information about this effective intervention at the Medical Institute González Fontana.

We are specialized in the following body surgery procedures: Abdominoplasty, GynecomastiaLiposuctionLipotransferButtocks Augmentation. Postbariatric Surgery, Arms Lift, and Leg Lift.