Breast Reconstruction in Valencia and Castellón González-Fontana


Cirugia de reconstruccion de pechos Valencia González-Fontana

Every woman has particular reasons for wanting or arises at some point in their life, assistance from breast surgery, and among them, the breast reconstruction after excision of breast cancer or other disease (mastectomy), is one of the current surgical procedures within the most rewarding the patient for reconstructive surgery.

For most patients with breast mastectomy, breast reconstruction is a complete image improvement, besides providing a psychological balance that often was lost, returning to be a full body. The result of a mammary reconstruction allows the patient to lead an absolutely normal life. For the majority of patients who have had a masectomy, the reconstruction of the breast results in a tremendous image improvement, producing a psychological balance, that in many occasions had been lost when they see their body as it was before.

During the first visit to our clinic in Valencia and Castellón, Dr. González-Fontana examine your case, and assess the various possibilities for breast reconstruction or breast according to the physical and psychological needs of the patient and thus realize her technique to use.

If you are considering the possibility of breast reconstruction, obtain more information about the surgery, when and how it takes place and the results that can be expected in the Dr Gonzalez Fontana Institute.

Come and meet our Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aesthetics González-Fontana. The results obtained in patients who have undergone surgery for breast reconstruction in our centers over the years support us.

Breast surgery procedures of cosmetic surgery in which we are specialized are:

Breast AugmentationBreast Augmentation with your own fat, Breast Lift, Breast reduction, tuberous breasts, Breast Reconstruction y Breast Pathologies.