Breast Reduction González-Fontana in Valencia and Castellón

 Cirugia reconstructiva Valencia Gonzalez-Fontana

A large breasts and «falls» can produce partners such as dermatitis or neck and back physical problems. Besides the feeling of a silhouette of a person overweight, even despite being thin.

With the surgical technique of breast reduction surgery,  you can get in one intervention, a reduction in breast volume and achieve a lifted chest. In this way ensures that the patient gets a strong, high, beautiful and elegant chest, removed the possible problems of very large breasts, all in one intervention.

On the first visit to our clinic in Valencia and Castellón, the plastic surgeon Ramón González-Fontana perform a thorough examination of the breasts, size, possible subareolar asymmetries, skin quality and value which is the right size breasts according to your appearance, to give a solution to the needs of the patient and thus realize the patient reducing hes chest, and the best technique to use.

Before InterventionTechniquesSurgeryPostoperative
  • Previous exploration.
  • Wash the area with antiseptic soap the night before.
  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory 7-10 days before.
  • No smoking in previous and subsequent days.
  • Remove excess breast tissue and fat.
  • We remove the sagging skin.
  • We do a periareolar and vertical incision.
  • Reduction and Breast Lift.
  • Duration 3 hrs.
  • Drainage 24 hrs.
  • Bandage 5 days.
  • Recovery in two weeks.

If you have a  large breasts, which cause problems, or just do not feel completely comfortable with the size of your breasts being too large or bulky, and want to get all the details of this intervention (reduction and breast uplift) by a prestigious  plastic surgeon in Valencia, come to our clinics of medicine and plastic surgery in Valencia and Castellón, and we advise you on everything you need to know about the intervention.  Call for an appointment and we will provide all information about this intervention in the González-Fontana Medical Institute.

Come and meet our Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aesthetics González-Fontana. The results obtained in patients who have undergone surgery for breast reduction in our centers over the years support us.

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